A Quick Guide to Wood Destroying Insects

Yikes, termites! Nothing stops a homeowner in their tracks like the possibility of a wood destroying insect. There are good reasons to fear these dreaded little pests. After all, they destroy the wood in your home, usually, without you even knowing.

 Termites and other wood destroying insects, like carpenter ants, cause billions of dollars in property damages every year across the United States. These pests harm the wood found in your flooring, closets, support beams, rafters, windowsills, and more. They are known to munch on wood, but they can also consume paper and drywall.

The award for Worst Wood Destroying Insect goes to (drumroll!) termites. They are extremely destructive with their scissor-like jaws and constant chewing. In fact, the subterranean termites never take a break from chewing! Unfortunately, the cost of termite damage is not usually covered by your homeowners’ insurance. Never hesitate to call an expert at your first suspicion of termites!

Other wood-destroying insects in Indiana include: carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and certain kinds of beetles. The actual damage is a slow process, and often times hard to notice. If you are able to catch these bugs early, you can prevent most of the major destruction. Many infestations go unnoticed for years. It’s a good idea to check areas in your home, especially crawls spaces, for signs of wood-destroying insects by a professional. If you are in the market for a new home, always get your home properly inspected!

What are some signs of wood-destroying insects?

  • Tight fitting doors or hard to open windows
  • Bubbling paint
  • Blisters in wood flooring
  • Hollowed/damaged wood
  • Mud tubes
  • Strange clicking sounds within the walls

If you have any inkling that you might have termites or any other pest, call the experts at call a trusted local exterminator. Make sure to capture any insects and keep them in a bag for identification if you are able. If you have other signs of insects, make a note of it, and don’t delay calling Northwest Indiana’s trusted pest experts at Affordable Bio Control Pest Management. Give us a call at: 219-608-4286. We look forward to serving you!