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Free Honey Bee Relocation

Buzzz! The winged, black-and-yellow, friends of the environment will be all the buzz very soon. Warmer weather means bees. While most of us are familiar with bubble bees and honey bees, there are many kinds of species of bees in our area. In fact, there are around 204 different species of bees native to Northwest Indiana! Native bees live in places like stumps, the ground, crops, mulch, and more. Most often, honeybees are the kind of bee that need to be relocated.

Even though they are our friends, honey bees are a danger to your family and neighbors when their hive is close to your home. The painful sting from a honeybee results in a nasty welt, and being stung by more than one bee at a time can cause a medical emergency. Plus, some individuals have severe allergic reactions to the venom of honey bee stings. Honey bee swarms and allergic reactions are extremely dangerous. Relocation is a way to keep your family and the honey bees safe.

What exactly is relocation? Relocation is an approach to removing a honey bee hive that does not kill the hive. It is chemical free and involves sectioning up parts for safe removal.

Many of us worry about the global decline in bee population. We are thankful for the pollinators that allow us to enjoy many of the foods that grace our dinner tables. Bees of many species are in trouble, especially bees native to our area. Honey bees are among the bees that should be protected.

At Affordable Bio Control, overcoming bee decline is import. That is why we offer free honey bee relocation. We have years of experience relocating bees, so if you are in need, feel free to call us. Remember, this is not something to attempt on your own! Give us a call at: 219-608-4286. We look forward to serving you!