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Preventative Methods To Stave Off Summer Pests

Summertime Pests

Trying to keep bugs out of our house is something everyone struggles with. Then, when winter approaches we begin to let our guard down because we don’t see bugs out and about as much. Don’t be fooled. The cold weather encourages bugs and other pests to find warmer places to live, such as your house. Follow these six steps to prevent your house from being a safe haven for pests this season.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Try not to leave fruit out on the countertop. Bugs are naturally drawn to the sweetness of the fruit. Other foods like cereal, rice, chips, crackers, or anything in an unsealed box should be stored in plastic airtight containers. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink for too long and be sure to clean up messes immediately.

Vacuum and Sweep

Keeping your floors clear, is a good way to keep bugs and pests from invaiding your home. Sweep up anything a vacuum might have missed. Mopping is also a good way to ensure nothing was left behind.

Check Outside Often

Check the weather-stripping or use door-seal kits to make sure there are no cracks or gaps in your windows and doors. Make sure your door screens are in good shape and be sure to check the attic vents for any openings where pests can invade.

Don’t Keep Firewood In the House

Many people have in-home fireplaces and keep their wood stored nearby. People do this not knowing that firewood can be the perfect place for insect activity. Many different kinds of insects make their homes in firewood. So, by storing wood in your house, you are giving them an invitation for a place to live as well as giving them a buffet of food in your house. Keep wood at least 20 feet away from your house.

Keep Debris Away From Your House

Make sure to keep your yard maintained. Piles of leaves or tall grass can be an attractive living quarters for mice and rats. Then they will be one step closer to getting in your house. Trim tree branches touching your house, these act as bridges to your roof for bugs and squirrels.Get the upper-hand on pests. To ensure that you always are one step ahead, call us today and ask about our services we offer.